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Winner! 2007 Angel Award for Video/DVD

"Appalachian Praise Band" wasnít even in our most wildest dreams when Brenda Walsh, from "Kids Time," called and asked if a group of kids from North Carolina would come up and play for her television program. John and Benjamin decided they would do a duet called "Church in the Wildwood" with guitar and violin. The next year Brenda Walsh called us and asked if we would come up again. John and Jillee decided to do some guitar and hammered dulcimer duets.

Johnís parents gave him a mandolin, thinking he would trade back and forth for some variation, but instead, Dianne, after she discovered the strings were the same as those on her violin, took off playing it. John willingly handed over the mandolin to her, so she joined in with John and Jillee on some of their duets.

The next year, Brenda Walsh called us again. This time, John, Jillee, Dianne, Ben, and Josee were going to do some songs on guitar, hammered dulcimer, mandolin, violin, and flute. Seeing all the "country" instruments, Josee dug her fatherís banjo out of the basement, taught herself some chords and replaced the flute part with a banjo part. When all the kids realized that now they were a band, everyone was quite surprised.

The next step was to choose a name. After many "no-go" names, and a lot of help from our parents, we chose "Appalachian Praise Band." The next year, yes, Brenda Walsh called again.

David decided he would get a bass fiddle, and join the group. Our band was now complete!

Brenda Walsh even asked us to play for 3ABNís live campmeeting, which we have performed for every year since! We have enjoyed sharing our music with churches, campmeetings, and even making our own DVD and CD. We pray that we can glorify Godís name with our music!

Appalachian Praise